Warning Signs Your Car Has Transmission Issues

You rely on your vehicle every day, traveling for work, family and play. You may drive 100,000 miles in your vehicle and never experience a problem because you properly maintain it and care for it. But that doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to the warning signs.

You might hear something, feel something, smell something, see something that doesn’t look right. No one knows your vehicle’s routine better than you, so these warning signs are important to pay attention to as your vehicle ages. That’s when you should take your car, truck or SUV to Kevin Grover Buick GMC to have one of the expert mechanics in the service department identify what problem your vehicle is warning you about.

Pay attention to these warning signs that your vehicle’s transmission has a problem.

Strange noises

You may have noticed some strange, new sounds that your vehicle is making that you’ve never heard before. Perhaps it’s a buzzing noise, a loud hum or even a clunking sound that has never occurred before now. None of these are good signs.

This is a good time to take your vehicle to Kevin Grover Buick GMC’s service department to diagnose the problem. It’s important to act quickly so there is no risk of causing further damage, or perhaps major damage.

Odd smells

Perhaps you think it is not unusual to smell something that is similar to something burning around your vehicle. This is unusual and you shouldn’t ignore it, especially when that smell is coming from your vehicle.

A burning smell could be a sign of different issues related to your car, such as an oil leak that drips on a hot component near the engine and creates that odor. But it also could be a sign that your vehicle’s transmission fluid is overheating. This is a warning sign that you should have your mechanic check out before it’s too late. While it may not be evidence of serious trouble, it’s only a matter of time before things get worse.

Unusual Sounds

You know what normal sounds like when driving your vehicle. So, that means you also know what abnormal will sound like, too. Pay attention to any strange sounds you hear when your vehicle is shifting to the next gear.

Regardless of whether you drive an automatic or a manual transmission car, truck or SUV, the grinding noise you hear as the gears shift is not a good thing. Now, what type of transmission you have may dictate the repair you need, which is why it’s so important to have the dealership’s service department inspect the issue. Your vehicle is made up of numerous mechanical parts, and they wear over time. As your clutch ages, it may become more difficult to shift, causing that grinding sound you hear. The same is true with your transmission as it ages over time. Listen for the signals your vehicle is giving you.

Weird sights

For those vehicle owners who park in the same spot every day, the sight of a fluid leak is obvious. You know it wasn’t there yesterday, so this is something new happening with your car, truck or SUV. Don’t ignore it.

The fluid leaking has a color and an odor that can tell you what it might be. A clear, odorless fluid leaking could just be condensation dripping from your vehicle while your air conditioning is on. A dark, slimy fluid leaking could be oil coming from the engine. The unmistakable reddish, sweet-smelling fluid leaking probably is transmission fluid.

If you find transmission fluid leaking, that’s not a good sign. Your vehicle’s transmission system is known as a closed system, meaning that when it is working correctly there is no leak. But if you see a leak, that’s a problem that needs immediate attention from your mechanic.

Dashboard light

This seems obvious to say, but you should pay attention to your check engine light if it comes on. It’s surprising how many people don’t. This is one of your vehicle’s ways of telling you there’s a problem with your transmission.

While the light doesn’t guarantee a transmission problem, it’s important to have it checked out. Your mechanic can diagnose the problem and the solution for you.

The service department at Kevin Grover Buick GMC relies on the most trusted and best trained mechanics to service your car, truck or SUV. They can help you determine what the warning sign is telling you about your vehicle. The repair could be inexpensive, or perhaps costly. But doing nothing almost certainly means an even bigger expense down the road, including having to buy another vehicle all together.

Contact Kevin Grover Buick GMC immediately upon the first warning sign you notice that your vehicle may be having transmission trouble.