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When you live around the Tulsa area, it’s important to explore the world around you. Road trips are a great way to break in a new car as well as go on a new adventure. Whether you only want to be behind the wheel for a few hours or you want to go further, there are plenty of road trips that you can take.

We’re here to share a few that offer some excitement without driving across the entire country.

When you’re looking to be on the road for a bit longer, you may want to consider heading west toward Colorado Springs. The drive is going to be a little over 10 hours, and you’ll get to see some of the stunning Kansas landscapes along the way. Colorado Springs is home to some of the most picturesque parks, ranging from Garden of the Gods to Pikes Peak. Depending on the season of your road trip, you can spend your days hiking, skiing, or even catching a concert at the nearby Red Rock Amphitheatre.

Road trips are natural when you love the vehicle you drive. Stop in to see us at Kevin Grover Buick GMC, and we’ll introduce you to your next vehicle for all of your adventures.

Depending on when you go, St Louis can offer you some excitement in terms of professional sports. You might want to catch a ballgame with the St Louis Cardinals or even see a hockey game with the Blues. There’s St Louis-style barbecue wherever you go, so you know you’ll be able to eat well while you’re there, too. You won’t want to miss out on the adventure of going up into the Arch, either, which is a major part of the city’s skyline.

The drive to St. Louis is about six hours. However, you may want to extend your time on the road to enjoy more of Mark Twain National Forest. You’ll drive through the northwestern edge of the forest naturally. By diving deeper into the forest, you can explore some of the incredible trails and even take a guided tour.

Driving to Memphis is one of the straightest road trips that you can make, though you’ll be going through Arkansas on your way. The Ozark National Forest is on your way, offering a few hours of diversion if you want some added recreation. You may also want to stop into Little Rock to see the state capitol.

Once you arrive in Memphis, there are all sorts of things waiting for you. Pay tribute to Elvis by visiting Graceland. Visit the Memphis Zoo during the day. Then, spend your evenings on Beale Street where there are countless bars, lively street music, and so much more that will captivate your senses.

The whole drive is about six hours unless you choose to make some of the suggested stops along the way.

A trip to Cow Town may be just what you need to remind you that cowboys and southern hospitality still exists. The road trip will be about four and a half hours. Once you’re in town, you can head into the Stockyards for a rodeo and a cattle drive. You may also want to visit some of the wineries in Grapevine, head to Six Flags in Arlington, and do some western horseback riding at any number of the farms in town.

Fort Worth is also home to celebrity Chef Tim Love, so you might want to check out any number of his restaurants for some gourmet eating.

You’re only about two hours away from Norman, Oklahoma. This area is just outside of Oklahoma City but has its own list of things to do. You can choose to spend some of your days and nights in the premium casinos, catching shows, and testing lady luck. You can also embrace the great outdoors with Lake Thunderbird State Park, complete with camping, boating, and all sorts of other things.

There are quite a few wineries throughout the area, the National Weather Museum, and other things to keep you busy. You can stay entertained for as long as you wish to stay on the road.

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